What Time Does SSI Direct Deposit Into Bank Account?

Supplemental Security Income benefits is a need-based program administered by the Social Security Administration. It provides monthly payments to assist people who are blind, disabled or elderly by providing money that can be used for food and shelter. The eligibility requirements to qualify for benefits include very strict limits on the amount of monthly income and financial resources an applicant for benefits may have available to them.

A popular method for receiving benefits is to have SSI direct deposit into bank accounts. This method, which is one of only two ways to receive benefits, eliminates the risk of a lost check leaving you without funds to pay household expenses. The direct deposit process used by the SSA ensures that your monthly SSI or other Social Security disability payment is available to you by midnight of the day of your scheduled payment.

The following information about payment methods for SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits gives you insight into how they work and the process to set them up. Use it to budget expenditures based on the availability of Social Security disability and retirement payments.

Social Security no longer issues checks

If London Eligibility handled your application or appeal for SSI or SSDI, they would have explained the payment procedures that Social Security now uses for its disability programs. The SSA eliminated its old payment method that involved the mailing of checks to SSD recipients and retirees.

Using the mail system as the primary method to get people the benefits they need for living expenses resulted in delays and lost checks, so Social Security went to direct deposit as the preferred payment method. At first, the SSA offered you the option to either receive a check in the mail or have the funds deposited directly into a bank account, but the check option was eliminated several years ago in favor of direct deposit or Direct Express card.

The Direct Express method uses a debit card. SSD benefits are deposited to your Direct Express debit card on the same day of the month that payments are directly deposited to bank accounts. The debit card may be used to make a purchase, or it may be used to obtain cash at ATMs or at retail stores that offer cash-back when making a purchase.

Direct Express debit cards offer several advantages over the old method of payment by check, including:

  • 1). A lost or stolen Direct Express card can be easily canceled and replaced by making a phone call to report it.
  • 2). Avoids mail delays that were common with the old payment method.
  • 3). Money is deposited to your debit card account each month, so you do not have to go to the bank to deposit a check.
  • 4). You do not need a bank account to use a Direct Express debit card.

Direct Express allows you withdraw funds at an ATM without incurring a fee for the service one time per deposit. You can get more information about Direct Express from a Social Security disability lawyer or disability advocate at London Eligibility.

Direct deposit of SSI benefits to your bank account

When you elect to have SSI benefit payments deposited each month to a bank account, the funds will be deposited on the first of the month. If the first of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday, the SSA processes payments on the weekday immediately preceding the holiday or weekend.

SSDI payments are processed based on the day of the month that you were born, so payments for people born within the first 10 days of a month are processed for direct deposit on the second Wednesday of the month. Payments for people born from the 11th to the 20th day of the month are processed on the third Wednesday of the month and the remainder of payees receive their direct deposits on the fourth Wednesday each month.

If you qualify for benefits through SSI and SSDI, your SSDI payment is processed on the third day of the month regardless of your date of birth. The SSI payment is processed on the first of the month.

Setting a payment method for SSI benefits

The following information must be included with your application for SSD benefits in order to set up direct deposit as your payment method:

  • 1). Social Security number
  • 2). Routing number for your bank
  • 3). Checking or savings account number

If you do not have a bank account, your only payment option is a Direct Express debit card.

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