Do You Need an Attorney to Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial?

You do not need a disability attorney to apply for SSDI or SSI. However, unless you are over 50 and can prove through extensive documentation that you have a chronic and serious medical condition, chances are your initial disability claim will be denied. After receiving a denial from the Social Security Administration, you then must file a Social Security disability appeal within 60 days of your application being denied. Unless you know why your disability claim was denied the first time, chances are you won’t be approved by the SSA appeals council.


What Can a Disability Attorney Do to Get Your SSDI or SSI Appeal Approved?


Before filing an appeal, your disability attorney will carefully examine everything you originally submitted to the SSA–medical documents, lab reports and diagnostic information from physicians and/or surgeons. They specifically search for things that may indicate or even hint at the possibility a claimant is not actually disabled. Social Security disability panels aggressively look for signs that someone applying for disability may be exaggerating the severity of their health issue, have not actually visited their doctor for some time or that they have not followed doctor-ordered treatment plans.


Approval of your Social Security disability appeal can hinge on just one, small mistake you made when initially filing for SSDI or SSI. Having an experienced disability attorney submit your case on appeal can dramatically improve your chances of overturning an initial disability denial.


Have You Received a Denial Letter from the Social Security Administration?


Call the Law Office London Eligibility today to schedule an appointment with a disability attorney you can rely on and trust to put your best interests first. We understand how stressful it can be to have your SSI or SSDI denied and will do everything we can to help you obtain approval following completion of your Social Security disability appeal.