How Long Does It Take To Get Temporary Disability In Oklahoma City?

If you live in the Oklahoma City area and you are struggling with a disability, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s understandable. Being disabled can be difficult in any number of ways – and certainly, it can cause extreme financial hardship. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering whether or not you qualify for disability benefits, and if so, what options may be available.

Depending upon the condition that you have, you may wonder whether or not it will be temporary, or more permanent in nature. If temporary, you may wonder – are there short-term, temporary disability benefits options available? It’s an important question to ask.

What Temporary Disability Options Are Available?

In Oklahoma, various options are available for individuals seeking temporary disability benefits. One option is short-term disability insurance. STD insurance is intended to replace part of an employee’s regular income when the individual cannot perform job duties as a result of a temporary illness or injury. This type of short-term disability benefit is different from workers’ compensation, which is intended only for individuals who were injured while performing their job.

Typically, an employee is offered short-term disability insurance through insurance plans made available by the employer. Often, the employee pays for the insurance through a payroll deduction. Usually, the types of injuries and illnesses that qualify for short-term disability benefits are those that last for less than a year. The policy amount itself will determine the amount the plan might pay the worker and when benefits can begin to be paid. Often, the plan will include a maximum number of days for which benefits might be paid.

Another option for seeking temporary disability benefits is workers’ compensation. As noted, workers’ compensation benefits are typically only available to injured individuals at work. If, however, the employee has suffered a work-related injury, various types of workers’ compensation benefits may be available, some of which are temporary, and others that are more permanent in nature. If you believe that you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, consulting with an attorney who knows and understands workers’ compensation law will be essential.

What if a Disability Is More Than “Temporary”?

While temporary and short-term disability benefits are helpful, they are ultimately exactly that – temporary. This leads to the obvious question – what happens if the disability is no longer short-term? What if it is no longer temporary? What if the disability looks to be longer and more permanent? In that case, an individual may want to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Typically, the Social Security Administration offers two types of disability benefits. The type of benefit for which you may qualify will depend upon your unique circumstances. Benefits offered include:

  • 1). Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Benefits: These are benefits that the Social Security Administration reserves for those individuals who have a qualifying disabling condition and who are “insured”. Essentially, this means that the individual worked a qualifying job through which he or she regularly made payments to the Social Security Administration. Insured individuals with a qualifying disability may be approved for monthly benefits that will be calculated based on their prior earnings and previous payments.
  • 2). Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits: As is the case with SSDI benefits, an individual who seeks SSI benefits must have a qualifying disabling condition that has rendered the individual unable to work for more than a year. Unlike SSDI benefits, however, disabled individuals need not have been insured. Instead, in order to be able to receive SSI benefits an individual must earn income and have resources below a certain threshold established by the Social Security Administration. This amount may fluctuate, so it will be important to consult an attorney who understands the law regarding eligibility.

Without question, all of this information about various types of benefits can be confusing. You may qualify for one type of benefit, or you may qualify for a mixture of benefits. It will ultimately depend upon your unique circumstances. As a result, it is essential to consult an attorney who knows and understands the law surrounding disability benefits and who can assist you in pursuing the compensation you need and deserve. At London Eligibility, we are here for you.

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