Social Security Disability Lawyer

How to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you plan on filing for disability benefits, it is a good idea to considering hiring a social security disability lawyer. The process can be time-consuming and the road can often be paved with unexpected problems that can get in the way. An attorney who specializes in disability law can truly be the difference between getting the benefits you need and deserve and having your claim denied. You may think hiring a Social Security disability lawyer is a daunting task, but all you need to do is follow the guidelines that are outlined below.

What sources can I use?

Chances are that you do not know of any disability lawyers off the top of your head. If you do, that’s great. But, if you do not, then you will have to do a little preliminary research. Some places you can go to find a disability lawyer include the Yellow Pages, the Internet, legal aid clinics, your state bar’s referral service, recommendations from friends, family or other trusted people.

Disability lawyer reviews

You can also learn a lot about a disability law firm from the reviews you can find regarding them when you do an online search. Sites such as Yelp can help you find out what everyday people think about a lawyer. Keep in mind that people are more apt to write a review when they have had a bad experience as opposed to a positive one. So, you need to keep an open mind. But, if you see a pattern of negative reviews for a particular disability law firm, it is probably a good indication to steer clear of it.

How do I know which lawyer is best for me?

Once you start your research, you will quickly realize that you have lots of lawyers from which to choose. Now, you need to find which one is best for you. If location is important to you, you can start by weeding out anyone who does not meet your travel distance criteria. Next, your best bet is to start making phone calls and asking questions. Have your questions ready ahead of time and ask every lawyer the same questions so you can accurately compare their answers. Some important questions to ask include:


– Do you specialize in trying cases related to my disability?
– Which case-related expenses will I have to pay?
– How many hearings do you average per week?
– Will we meet in person before the hearing?
– Will I primarily be working with you or a staff member?


Aside from these important questions, you can also get a good feel for your lawyer be noting how quickly your phone calls are returned and how you are treated by staff members when you enter the office.


If you are interested in hiring a top-notch Social Security disability law firm, contact London Eligibility today. We are here to help you.