How to Get Disability for Bronchiectasis?

A chronic lung disease involving thickened bronchi walls, inability for airways to clear mucus in bronchi and recurring infection, bronchiectasis causes long-term, permanent scarring to the lungs. This scarring ultimately leads to increased mucus production by cells lining bronchi walls, as well as loss of lung functioning over time. Bronchiectasis can be an acquired disease or present at birth. People who later develop bronchiectasis often suffer from tuberculosis, HIV, cystic fibrosis or other conditions impacting airways in the lungs.



Are People with Bronchiectasis Eligible for Social Security Disability?


Complications such as chronic lung infections, respiratory failure and heart failure arising from bronchiectasis are considered qualifying factors for approval of disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. Brain abscesses and “clubbing” of the fingers (extreme thickening of the skin on fingertips) are additional complications of bronchiectasis that can affect a person’s ability to work.


According to the SSA’s Blue Book of medical conditions, approval for Social Security disability for bronchiectasis requires applicants:


  • Suffer complications (also called “exacerbations”) from bronchiectasis that demands three hospital stays within one year. Hospitalizations must also be 30 days apart
  • Provide proof that each hospital stay must last a minimum of 48 hours
  • Provide diagnostic imaging and lab reports indicating the existence of bronchiectasis


Examples of imaging and lab reports needed by the SSA to determine if an applicant qualifies for disability benefits include complete blood counts, CT scans, sputum samples, lung function tests and a sweat test for detecting cystic fibrosis.


What Happens If My Bronchiectasis Disability Claim is Denied?


In most cases, reasons for denial involve lack of sufficient medical documentation supporting the claimant’s assertion they have extreme difficulty performing daily tasks due to shortness of breath, weakness and severe fatigue. Enlisting the assistance of a disability lawyer who has years of experience handling disability claims and dealing with the Social Security Administration can significantly improve your chances of receiving approval as quickly as possible. Call London Eligibility today to make a consultation appointment with one of our disability attorneys.