How to Get Social Security Disability for Multiple Sclerosis?

A chronic autoimmune and neurological disease affecting the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis (MS) is also a progressive condition that worsens over time. Difficulty walking, coordination problems, weakness and tremors in the arms and legs, cognitive issues and vision disturbances prevent many adults with MS from working and performing daily activities without assistance. While Social Security SSDI for people with early onset of MS may be denied, those with moderate to advance MS have a good chance at being approved as long as they submit proper medical documentation.


Multiple Sclerosis

How Hard Is It to Receive Social Security Disability for Multiple Sclerosis?


Listed under neurological conditions in the SSA’s Blue Book, multiple sclerosis is defined by the Social Security Administration as a disease “causing disorganization of motor functioning, neuromuscular dysfunction and communication impairment”. People with MS need to prove to the SSA that their condition results in:

  • The inability to control movements of at least one arm and one leg
  • The inability to maintain balance while walking or standing
  • The inability to arise from seated positions
  • Problems remembering, applying information and understanding
  • Problems completing tasks requiring speed, persistence and/or concentration


Applicants with MS will also need to submit medical evidence denoting a clinical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Magnetic resonance imaging scans, lumbar punctures and spinal taps are commonly used to diagnose MS. Detecting optic nerve damage is performed with visual evoked potentials that show abnormalities in the patient’s brain response to flashing lights.


Why Hire a Disability Lawyer to Handle Your Multiple Sclerosis SSDI Claim?


People with advanced MS typically have no problems being approved for Social Security disability the first time they apply. However, early and moderate stage MS sufferers usually have difficulty getting their claim approved unless they hire a disability lawyer to help them submit the proper medical documentation. London Eligibility has a hard-working, honest team of attorneys who have helped people like you get approval for SSDI, SSI and other SSA benefits. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment.