How to Apply for Disability Benefits with Chronic Pernicious Anemia?

Pernicious anemia emerges from an abnormal immune response causing a significant decrease in red blood cells. More specifically, intestines lacking certain proteins fail to absorb vitamin B12, a vitamin essential for producing red blood cells. In many cases, people suffering Grave’s, Addison’s or Crohn’s disease often develop pernicious anemia. Other health problems conducive to pernicious anemia include myasthenia gravis, hypoparathyroidism and type 1 diabetes. Symptoms range from mild to severe, with fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath and cognitive problems being why most people with this disease seek disability benefits.



Is It Difficult to Apply for Disability for Chronic Pernicious Anemia?


The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book lists pernicious anemia under hematological disorders. Applications for pernicious anemia disability benefits must include the following:

  • At least one detailed lab report, signed by a doctor, providing results of tests that establish a hematological disorder; or
  • A lab report establishing a diagnosis of pernicious anemia that has not been signed by a doctor accompanied by a report written by a doctor who states the applicant does have pernicious anemia

The SSA also says that if applicants cannot access results of a definitive lab test, they may submit a “persuasive” report from their physician confirming the patient underwent lab analyses or other diagnostic tests and that they have been clinically diagnosed with chronic pernicious anemia. Although the Social Security Administration states they will make “reasonable efforts” to obtain lab results, the SSA will not purchase costly or invasive test results such as clotting-factor proteins tests.


How Can an Attorney Help You Apply for Disability?


Because the SSA needs extensive medical documentation proving how chronic pernicious anemia is preventing an applicant from working, hiring a disability lawyer to manage a disability claim can significantly increase the chance of approval on an initial claim. London Eligibility attorneys have decades of experience working with the SSA and know exactly what to do to get claims approved. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment.