What Are the Social Security Disability Approval Rates for Different Medical Conditions?

The Social Security Administration will evaluate each disability case on an individual basis before deciding their verdict. However, there are certain medical conditions that are more likely to be approved than others. See which ones top the list, and how you can improve your odds no matter what condition you have.

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What Are the Chances of Being Approved?


As you might expect, the odds of being approved are better based on the severity of the condition:

  • Multiple¬†Sclerosis: 68%
  • Any kind of cancer: 64%
  • Breathing or respiratory disorder: 47%
  • Joint disorders: 40%
  • Anxiety/depression/mood disorder: 37%
  • Chronic back problems: 34%

How Do Officials Decide?


Officials aren’t just looking at the standard diagnosis of each case, they’re looking at the specific circumstances that make it unlikely for a person to perform gainful activity. If a person’s cancer has metastasized (spread throughout their body, there’s a nearly 80% chance of being approved for disability. Officials will also take into account if the person under review has more than one medical condition, even if these specific stats are not available. It’s worth noting that more than 7 out of 10 people list more than one medical condition.


How Can You Improve Your Odds of Disability Approval?


Social Security disability approval rates increase the more effort the applicant puts in. For example, if the applicant requests a hearing after being denied the first time around, they’re far more likely to be approved after completing the hearing. This is usually due to a couple of reasons. One is that a hearing may occur several months after the initial application. If the person’s condition has worsened during that time, they can address this with officials. The other is that a hearing provides the opportunity for an attorney, which can also help improve your chances.¬†