How Long Will a Social Security Disability Review Last?

How Does the Review Work?


The Social Security Administration (SSA) will first send you a form in the mail to fill out about the state of your health. Most people (more than 70%) receive Form SSA-455, but a small percentage may receive Form SSA-454. Both forms ask questions about your condition, but Form SSA-454 will request more detailed information than SSA-455.

Social Security Disability Claim Concept

How Long Does the Review Take for Form-SSA 455?


Once you send in the completed form, it takes about one to three months for the SSA to make a decision:

  • If the SSA is satisfied with your answers, you won’t need to do anything else until your next review.
  • Your review interval with vary based on your disability and will reset at the same interval as before.
  • If your condition is expected to improve, you’ll be reviewed more frequently than someone with a permanent disability.
  • Everyone is subject to reviews — no matter how permanent their disability is.

How Long Does a CDR Take?


If the SSA is suspicious about your answers on the short form (SSA 455) or officials believe that you’re capable of returning to work, they may conduct a full-scale investigation into the state of your health. A tiny fraction of people will undergo the CDR process, which can take up to six months to review. The Continuing Disability Review Report is a long form known as SSA-454-BK, and requires you to gather medical documents and doctor statements to prove your inability to work.