New York – How Much Does Disability Pay in NY?

When you are unable to work because of an injury or illness, relief from financial hardship caused by the loss of income can be devastating. If you work in New York, you may be eligible for disability benefits through programs offered by the federal and state governments.

Disability pay in NY is available for temporary or short-term disability caused by an injury or illness that is unrelated to work. A work-related accident or hazardous condition that results in an injury or sickness is covered through the state’s workers’ compensation program while disability from causes outside of the workplace are through the temporary disability program.

If you have a disability expected to last for more than a year, you may be eligible to either or both of the disability programs offered by the Social Security Administration. The Supplemental Security Income, which you may see referred to as SSI, and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) programs are an option for benefits when you have a long-term disability.

The information that follows will give you a better understanding of the different programs providing disability benefits and how much does disability pay in NY. Use it along with the experience of a disability lawyer and advocate at London Eligibility to guide you through the application process and, if necessary, assisting you with an appeal.

How much does temporary disability pay in NY?

Temporary disability benefits are available in NY for only 26 weeks during any 52-week period. The amount that you receive each week is 50% of your average weekly wages for the eight-week period before you stopped working because of being disabled, but it’s not as much as you may think.

State law in NY sets the maximum weekly benefit that you may receive, regardless of how much you make when working, at only $170. Out of the payment that you receive each week, you must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

If the amount of the weekly benefit payable through the state disability program in NY concerns you, speak to a Social Security disability lawyer about applying for benefits through the SSI or SSDI programs. An SSD lawyer or disability advocate may determine that your disability meets the definition used by the Social Security Administration in evaluating medical conditions that qualify for benefits.

How much does SSDI pay in NY?

How much you receive in Social Security disability benefits depends on whether you qualify for SSDI, SSI, or both. If you qualify for SSDI, the amount that you receive each month depends on your lifetime earnings.

Lifetime earnings is only one component of a complicated formula used to calculate your monthly SSDI benefit payment. There is, however, a maximum monthly benefit, which is $3,345 in 2022. Depending on the rate of inflation in the country, disability benefits payable through SSDI and SSI may increase due to annual cost-of-living adjustments, which would also increase the maximum monthly SSDI benefit. Ask an SSDI lawyer or disability advocate for more information about your benefits.

SSDI benefits are not affected by where you live. Benefits in NY through the SSDI program are the same as you would get no matter where you lived. That is not true for SSI benefits.

How much does SSI disability pay each month in NY?

The maximum monthly federal benefit payable through the SSI program is $841 for an individual and $1,261 for a couple in 2022. SSI benefits are subject to annual cost-of-living adjustments as are SSDI benefits. However, the two programs are quite different.

Some of the differences between SSDI and SSI that affect what you may receive in benefits include:

  • 1). SSI is a need-based program, so earned and unearned income that you receive may reduce the amount of your monthly benefit. Resources that you have available to you may not exceed a combined total value of $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for couples. SSI may suspend your benefits if your resources exceed those amounts
  • 2). SSI benefits are not based on lifetime earnings as are benefits through SSDI. In fact, you can qualify for SSI even if you have no work history at all.
  • 3). Some states pay a supplement that may increase what you receive each month from SSI.

New York is one of the states that supplement SSI benefits, so what you receive as a federal benefit each month is increased. How much you receive as a state supplement in NY depends on several factors, including:

  • 1). Your living arrangements.
  • 2). Your income.
  • 3). The county where you live in NY.

An SSI lawyer or disability advocate reviews your claim to determine the amount of the state supplement you can expect to receive in NY.

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