What Kinds of Arthritis Qualify You for Disability Benefits?

If you struggle with arthritis, no one needs to tell you that it can be an extremely uncomfortable, and often debilitating condition. For some, arthritis is simply a condition that, while uncomfortable, does not truly hamper many of life’s day-to-day activities. For others, however, arthritis can be so severe that it keeps them from being able to work or enjoy much of everyday life as they otherwise would.

Often, those who struggle with arthritis wonder they would qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. It’s an understandable question to ask. Generally, the Social Security Administration does recognize arthritis as a potentially disabling condition under several categories:

  • 1). Joint Dysfunction: Arthritis can often lead to significant dysfunction in the joints, including chronic pain, stiffness, misalignment, and other deformities.
  • 2). Inflammatory Arthritis: Any arthritic condition that causes widespread pain, limited movement, inflexibility, and inflammation may potentially qualify for benefits.
  • 3). Arthritis of the spine: Sometimes, arthritis can affect the spine and compromise nerve roots within the spinal cord. Narrowing of the spine as a result of arthritis may also qualify for benefits.
  • 4). Surgery on a Weight-Bearing Joint: In some cases, those suffering from arthritis have to undergo surgery on a major weight-bearing joint (such as hips or knees), and that procedure may render the patient unable to walk or move freely without assistance for some time afterward.

If you have one of these conditions and it has rendered you unable to work, you should certainly consult with an attorney regarding whether or not you may be eligible for benefits.

Although the law can be complex and often confusing, it is important to realize that having arthritis will not, in and of itself, be sufficient to warrant disability benefits. To do so, an applicant will generally have to prove that he or she satisfies multiple criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration.

A Closer Look at The Criteria

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, whether for arthritis or another condition, an applicant must prove that:

  • 1). The applicant has a qualifying medical condition that is considered “disabling” by the Social Security Administration: The Social Security Administration maintains what is commonly referred to as its “Blue Book” to determine whether a particular condition constitutes a disability for the purpose of awarding benefits. This guide contains a listing of medical conditions and impairments, several of which are associated with arthritis, including the four categories discussed above. If you can establish that you have one of these conditions through persuasive medical evidence, you may qualify for benefits, provided that you also meet other necessary criteria.
  • 2). The condition has rendered the applicant unable to work and earn an income as he or she otherwise normally would for a period of at least 12 consecutive months: A significant factor in determining whether or not an applicant qualifies for benefits is whether or not the condition is “disabling” in the sense that it has prevented the applicant from earning income as he or she otherwise would. Sometimes, after all, a condition may be uncomfortable, without preventing normal enjoyment of much of everyday life. In other cases, however, the condition may be so disabling that normal work and functioning simply isn’t possible. If this case, an applicant may likely qualify for benefits.
  • 3). The applicant either qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits because he or she is “insured” (meaning the applicant worked a qualifying job through which he or she paid into the Social Security system for a sufficient length of time): OR
  • 4). The applicant is not “insured” and does not qualify for SSDI benefits, but he or she has income and resources below a certain level, thus qualifying the applicant for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits from the Social Security Administration.

An applicant who can establish that he or she meets these criteria by providing medical evidence and other necessary documentation will generally have a good chance of being approved for benefits, eventually. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a large part of successfully proving a case will be hiring a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can fight for the benefits you deserve. At London Eligibility, we’re here to do exactly that.

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Regardless of whether you have arthritis or another disabling condition, you have more than enough to focus on without adding legal worries to the list. You deserve to spend time receiving the treatment you need for your condition and enjoying life with those you love. You don’t need to worry about how you’ll pursue the disability benefits you need and deserve. Instead, you can leave those complex legal matters to the talented and experienced team at London Eligibility, knowing that when you do, you’re putting your case in good hands. If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon.