Why Do You Need A Doctor Disability Letter?

Having a formal medical document attached to your application for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program can significantly improve your chances of winning the benefits you need and deserve. While it is not mandatory, you should never underestimate the importance of a detailed letter drafted by your medical professional.

A knowledgeable and experienced SSDI benefits lawyer at London Eligibility can help you get a detailed letter prepared by your medical professional that the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to evaluate your disability. In this blog post, we will explain why you need a disability doctor letter and how you can get it.

What Is A Doctor Disability Letter?

A doctor disability letter is a medical statement from your primary healthcare service provider. A disability letter from your doctor provides documentary support to your application for SSDI benefits. It is an accurate description of your medical problems and explains how your medical condition affects your daily life and your ability to work at a job or through self-employment. As such the doctor should mention specific details of your disability and support it with credible evidence to back the findings.

Why Do You Need A Doctor Disability Letter?

You need a doctor disability letter because it helps establish your claim for SSDI benefits. It also assists the Social Security Administration in evaluating your claim for disability and provides evidence for the symptoms of your health impairment and your inability to work.

The letter contains both your doctor’s perspective on your medical condition, as well as the way it leaves you unable to work. This also helps the SSA disability examiner understand the gravity and extent of your condition.

It is also important to have a specialist in your medical condition write the letter. This adds authenticity and genuineness to your letter and disability claim.

How To Get A Proper Disability Doctor Letter?

When you submit an application for SSDI benefits, a well-drafted disability doctor letter may be the deciding factor for the SSA disability examiner.

However, not all disability doctor letters are good enough for you to win the benefits you need and deserve. For example, a disability doctor letter may not help you with your claim if:

  • 1). The information provided is vague, unclear and contains generic information about your disability. Doctor letters which do not contain pinpointed information will not help advance your claim.
  • 2). Your doctor is unable to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan of your disability.
  • 3). There is no medical evidence backing the disability claim.
  • 4). There is no evidence to show that you followed the proposed treatment plan.
  • 5). You are not completely open and honest with your doctor.
  • 6). There are clear inconsistencies and contradictions between your disability claim and the doctor’s report.

Defining Your Limitations In The Disability Doctor Letter

The SSA is interested in the specific details that explain how your medical condition affects your physical and mental abilities, thereby affecting your ability to work at a job or through self-employment. These details may include how well you are able to do the following:

  • 1). Sit, stand, stoop, walk or balance yourself.
  • 2). Use your hands and arms for performing different activities like typing on your desktop and performing tasks requiring physical activity.
  • 3). Completing routine office tasks and doing everyday work. q1
  • 4). Lifting certain weights or difficulty in carrying certain weights.

In addition to these details, your doctor’s letter should also contain details about your:

  • 1). Reflexes
  • 2). Dexterity
  • 3). Range of motion

Any limitations in these areas should be specifically noted. These details prove helpful when you are assigned a corresponding or representative severity level, as the SSA seeks proper proof of your disability.

Working With Your Doctor To Get A Disability Letter

Some doctors may resist the idea of preparing a medical source statement or disability letter supporting your claim. The process of making a disability letter is tedious and therefore time consuming. There are forms available to guide a physician in writing a disability letter that evaluates your overall medical condition and discloses how it affects your ability to work.

The SSA may also provide a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) report to your physician to obtain the information it needs for determination on your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Alternatively, you can also provide your physician with a copy of the RFC report form for the reference of your medical professional when drafting the disability letter supporting your claim for SSDI benefits.

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