most disability claims denied

The Top Reasons Disability Claims are Denied

Receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be incredibly helpful for those who can no longer work due to a severe illness or injury. However, most claims are denied on their first submission. You must go through a lengthy appeals process if you want to have that decision reversed, which can take considerable time and effort. There are several reasons why a disability claim may be denied. Here are some of the most common ones.


You do not Meet the Non-Medical Requirements

Not everyone who is disabled meets the eligibility requirements for receiving disability benefits. The SSA has specific qualifications in place that must be met before you can be eligible for benefits. If you do not meet the following non-medical requirements, your claim will be denied:


– You earn more than $1,090 per month in income

– You have a sufficient amount of work credits

– You have too many assets

– You have not complied with the SSA’s requests.


Your Medical Condition is too Short-Term

You can only receive disability benefits if your condition is expected to last for at least 12 months or result in your death. If your condition is expected to last less than one year, your claim will be denied.


You Have Not Complied With Your Doctor’s Orders

If you fail to go to your doctor’s appointments or do not follow the prescribed method of treatment, the SSA will consider you to be unwilling to help yourself. In cases such as this, disability claims will be denied.


Lack of Cooperation with the SSA

You must work in conjunction with the SSA to be eligible for benefits. If you refuse to let a representative of the SSA have access to your medical records, do not show up for consultative meetings with your SSA representative or in any other way hinder the progress of your claim, it will be denied.


The SSA Cannot Contact You

If you have a pending disability claim and change addresses or phone numbers in the process, you must let the SSA know as soon as possible. If the SSA cannot reach you with the given contact information, a representative will not try to chase you down. Instead, your claim will simply be denied.


Your Disability is due to Alcohol or Drug Abuse

If you cannot work because of a disability that was caused by alcohol or drug abuse, your disability claim will be denied, particularly if your condition would improve if you quit using the substance.


Not Enough Medical Evidence

You must have enough medical evidence to back up your claim. You can gather the appropriate evidence by seeking medical attention. Speak with the doctor about how the condition limits your everyday life and make sure the symptoms and their effects are duly noted in your medical chart. If there is not enough evidence to corroborate your claim, it will be denied.


You Have Been Convicted of a Crime

Benefits are not available during the time of one’s incarceration. However, you can begin an application while you are in prison and begin receiving them after your release.


You are Committing Fraud

If you have submitted a claim as a means of committing fraud against the federal government, it will be denied. If you have been receiving benefits and the government detects fraud, your benefits will be terminated. In either case, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Knowing the reasons will help you avoid them and give you a better chance of having your claim be approved without the necessity of a lengthy and complicated appeals process. If you have questions about applying for disability benefits, contact London Eligibility today. Our staff is here to help you!