Social Security disability appeal process

The Social Security Disability Appeal Process

Did you know that most people who file for disability end up using the Social Security disability appeal process? This is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) initially denies more than 60 percent of first-time claims.


SSA justifications for claim denials fall into three main categories. First, one of the main reasons for claim denial is a failure to provide convincing medical evidence. If there are gaps in your records, the SSA might not rule in your favor, deciding that, based on what you provided, the agency doesn’t consider your condition severe enough to warrant payout of benefits. Be sure to provide detailed medical records and doctors statements the first time around, and provide records as far back as you possibly can.


The second reason for SSA claim denials is that while you’ve provided enough medical evidence, you unfortunately haven’t made a compelling case showing how your work is affected by your disability. Therefore, your doctor must make a direct correlation showing the SSA exactly how your illness is impacting your ability to work.


Third, if your doctor has prescribed a treatment plan (medication, exercise, physical therapy, or all of the above) and you are not following it, that is a major reason for SSA to easily you’re your initial claim.


Don’t fret. If your claim is denied, call us. Don’t refile! Filing a new claim just creates red tape in the SSA system, and your entire case will take much longer. Instead, it is best to file an appeal.


The SSA must provide you with a written summary detailing why they have denied your claim. If they don’t provide it, email or visit your local office to request that summary.


During the Social Security disability appeal process, be very responsive to the SSA by responding to all email or phone inquiries and by providing all requested information. The SSA denies many appeals simply due to unresponsiveness, so don’t let this be your reason.


Just because your claim has been denied does not mean that you won’t eventually get benefits. The SSA’s four step appeal process is complicated, and while it’s not ideal to have to go through the appeal process, you can still come out on top and be awarded benefits. Having a team of experienced disability lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland will help you through the arduous and lengthy process, so give us a call.