Witness Letters for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Applying for disability benefits can be a very lengthy and complicated process for many Americans. If you or a loved one has previously applied for SSDI benefits and been denied, you have the right to appeal the original decision made by the Social Security Administration (SSA). In many cases, those who follow through with the appeals process are much more likely to get approved for benefits with the help of witness letters to help prove their disability claims.


Witness Letter

What is a Witness Letter and Why is It Important to My Social Security Disability Hearing?


Often used in disability hearings, letters written by a witness can help to confirm that the applicant is dealing with daily struggles that prevent them from returning to work and making a living due to their disability. These letters may recount specific experiences and examples, detail the applicants struggles or describe the changes that have taken place in their daily lives.


Who Should Write My Witness Letters?


Typically, social security disability attorneys agree that anyone who knows an applicant closely can write a letter to help improve their chances of being awarded benefits. Some common examples of a good witness include:


• Spouses

• Grown Children

• Siblings

• Other Family Members

• Friends

• Neighbors

• And Former Employers


What Type of Information Should A Useful Witness Letter Include?


When choosing someone to write a letter to the SSA, it is important to only ask those who have a first-hand account of how your disability or injury has affected your work and home life. Even if your witnesses are not medical experts, they can still provide important information during your disability hearing. Make sure that the letter includes detailed information about their relationship to you and descriptions of your life before and after your disability or injury. Finally, the letter should also include contact information for the witness in case they need to be contacted for further information.