5 tips for ssi claims

Tips for Winning SSI Benefits

It is no secret that applying for Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits is an arduous task that can be fraught with many pitfalls along the way. At the end of the process, most claims are denied for one reason or another the first time they are submitted. If you need to apply for benefits, here are some tips that will give you the best chance of having your claim accepted.


Keep Careful Records

Your medical records will take up a bulk of your disability claim. The judge will base a decision primarily on the records you provide. So, it is imperative that they are accurate and complete. Keep a journal or your condition that chronicles your symptoms, medical appointments, treatments you have undergone and medications you have taken and how successful various treatments have been. When this information is written down, it will hold a lot of weight with the judge. Further, if you keep a continuous journal, it will be easier to document everything for your application since you will not have to recall anything from memory.


Make Sure Your Application is Complete

One of the most common reasons for the denial of a claim is missing or incomplete information. This mistake is easy to fix. When you are in the process of completing your application, make sure you have answered every question completely and accurately. Also, do not neglect to provide every medical record the court asks for. It is better to provide too much information than not enough, so when in doubt, include it.


Work With Your Doctor

Your doctor can be your greatest ally when it comes to applying for disability benefits. For your application to be complete, you will need copies of your medical records. So, keeping medical appointments and adhering to doctor’s orders and prescribed treatments is paramount to a successful application. Your doctor should also provide you with a letter detailing how your condition adversely affects your ability to work and perform everyday activities.


Show up for Hearing

Many applicants neglect to attend the hearing for their disability case. This is a huge mistake. You must be in court under any circumstances. Even though you are not required by law to be there, it reflects poorly upon you if you are not present. Also, make sure you are there on time. Judges do not like to be kept waiting, as they have busy dockets and schedules to keep. So, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appearance time, if not before.


Do not Minimize the Effects of Your Condition

Keep in mind that you are trying to win benefits because your condition is so debilitating that it is having a negative effect on your life and ability to work. So, this is no time to be a hero and play down the severity of the condition. Doing so may result in the judge thinking your condition is not serious and denying your claim. Be specific about the ways your condition prevents you from engaging in certain work-related activities, and provide examples if you can.


Work With a Disability Attorney

Disability claimants who work with a disability attorney are more likely to have their claims accepted on the first attempt. An attorney will help you keep your case organized and also knows how to avoid the pitfalls that often accompany the application process. Some other ways a lawyer can help you through the application process include:


– Answering questions

– Helping to fill out paperwork

– Talking to your doctor

– Appearing at your hearing

– Requesting any additional information that is needed

– Following up with the court on the process of your claim.


If you have questions about applying for SSI benefits or how to win your case, contact London Eligibility today. We are here to help you get what you deserve.