If I Qualify for SSDI Disability Will I Be Able To Get Food Stamps?

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI disability) pays monthly benefits to disable individuals who have worked enough during their lifetime to earn work credits by paying in a certain amount of Social Security taxes. SSDI and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits are provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture while SSDI disability is administered by the Social Security Administration. Although the majority of SSDI recipients are eligible for food stamps, each state has different income limits for SNAP eligibility. SSDI recipients must apply at their local health and human resources center for SNAP to determine if they are eligible.


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How Do I Know If I am Eligible to Receive Food Stamps While on SSDI Disability?


If you have filed an application to receive SSDI and know how much you will be getting in benefits, you can use this income amount to find out if you are eligible for SNAP in your state. However, if your income exceeds SNAP guidelines, you may still qualify for food stamps because you are disabled. In some cases, you may be allowed to deduct a portion of your medical bills and other related expenditures from your income to be eligible for SNAP. There may be other exemptions you can use to qualify for food stamps as well.


Can SSDI Disability Lawyer Help Me Get Food Stamps?


Disability attorneys have the in-depth knowledge and experience dealing with SSA and SNAP requirements to ensure you receive as many benefits available to you according to your health, income and resources. Call the London Eligibility today if you are filing or have filed for SSDI to learn more about SNAP benefits. We will handle all document submissions so you do not have to worry about delays or denials preventing you from achieving financial security.