How Does SSI Disability Work When You Live in a Nursing Home?

When you live with a disability, your Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income payment becomes an important part of your monetary budget. If you encounter medical difficulties, you may have to enter a nursing home for a period of time. While Medicaid is able to help defray the cost of your stay, your supplemental and disability income payments are subject to change.


Do I keep my SSI Disability benefits when I enter a nursing home?


If you are placed in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility for a temporary stay of up to 90 days, you are able to keep your full benefits when your doctor files a statement that the stay will not be longer than 90 days. For long-term care, you may be able to receive a reduced benefit.


Can state supplements to SSI help while I am in a nursing home?


Maryland provides supplemental payments for those eligible to receive SSI. The payment is reduced when living in an assisted living or rehab facility and for temporary stays in a nursing home. The amount you can receive is adjusted based on a variety of criteria, including assets and other income.


How do the SSI’s prerelease procedures work?


If you have been living full-time in a nursing home, but would be eligible for SSI and disability upon your release, you and the institution can fill out a prerelease application to initiate your SSI payments upon your release. This does not reinstate your previous eligibility, but begins a new review process, so time is crucial to get the paperwork filled out before your discharge.


Helping You Sift Through the Pile of Papers


The criteria used to determine disability and the amount of your monthly payments is extensive and varies from state to state in regards to your state supplements. It really requires an expert fighting on your side to ensure that you are approved and will receive every penny you deserve. London Eligibility is ready to stand by you and assist you in the management of your SSI disability payments.