myasthenia gravis social security disability

Myasthenia Gravis Social Security Disability

Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease. This condition affects the muscles in the body. It affects the body in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to work. Myasthenia Gravis causes a muscle to become very weak when it is used. The muscle becomes difficult to even move. It does eventually regain strength.


This disease affects the muscles in the face and neck. It affects muscles around the eyes and may cause them to droop. The disease affects the mouth and chest. It can even cause difficulty breathing.


Myasthenia Gravis can become very severe. In crisis situations, patients need breathing machines. It is a very serious condition. People who suffer from this condition will need monitoring.


When Myasthenia Gravis affects people severely, they are not able to work. It is very stressful when one cannot provide for themselves and for their families. People who suffer from this disease may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.


Myasthenia Gravis and Social Security Benefits

Myasthenia Gravis has its own listing in the Social Security listing of impairments. There are requirements that need to be met to be eligible for disability benefits. This disease can be tricky when providing substantial evidence to prove the condition.


Due to muscles recovering after a period of rest, it can be hard to prove that one has this disease. There may be long periods where the symptoms subside, then they return with a vengeance. This condition can be inconsistent, but the Social Security Administration is aware of this. If you suffer from Myasthenia, you should apply for disability benefits.


You will need other proof of your disability. You will also need specific documents, including medical and financial forms. The evidence you will need varies, but there is a substantial amount of evidence that is necessary when applying for Social Security disability benefits.


Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you suffer from Myasthenia Gravis and you are wondering about Social Security disability benefits, it is recommended that you consult with a Social Security disability lawyer. The lawyer knows all about the Social Security listing of impairments, also known as the blue book.


Your Social Security disability attorney is also aware of all of the evidence you will need to support your claim. They will advise you on all of the necessary documents. The disability lawyer will guide you through the entire process of your claim. You will benefit greatly when you hire a Social Security disability lawyer to represent you during your claims process.