Replacement Social Security Number And Card

Misplaced or Lost Social Security Card

A social security card is an important identification document. It is administered by the Social Security Administration. If you lose or misplace your Social Security Card, you need a new or replacement social security number and card. Your Social Security Card holds your identity, so it important to replace it right away.


The card is a tiny; it is as small as a business card and can fit in a wallet (although it is advised to not store it there). Your social security card has your social security number and your name printed on the front. All United States citizens and permanent residents should have this card. It is necessary to obtain employment, so it is also necessary for temporary working residents to have one as well.


The Social Security Card provides a social security number that plays a huge role in our society. It is essentially an identification number. A United States citizen or resident is tracked by this number.



A social security number and card is necessary if you want to obtain employment in the United States. We all need a source of income, which means that most people need to work. To obtain work in the United States, you must have proof of your identity and citizenship or right-to-work. A Social Security Card provides proof of your identity and your information to the employer. Without a Social Security Card, it may be impossible to obtain employment in the United States of America.


Higher Education

Many United States citizens want to pursue higher education. In order to receive government financial aid or loans, you absolutely need your social security number. The schools also utilize your social security number as a form to identify you.


In the occasion that you have lost or misplaced your card, or if it was stolen, you will need to replace it right away. If you believe your card was stolen, you need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and you may want to look into filing a fraud alert.


In order to replace your card, you need to fill out an SS-5 application for Social Security Card at your local Social Security office. You will need to take a driver’s license or other form of unexpired identification. You will also need proof of your citizenship and residency.